Who Has Your Attention?

What are you allowing to hold your attention? The cares and distractions of life are ever abounding. Children, spouses, family, friends, work, the news, social media, tv, movies, music, our phones are all constantly vying for our attention. It can become a cacophony that surrounds us day and night. It is often difficult to escape. Who has your attention? 

Are you allowing the voice of the Lord to speak into your life? All too often, He is drowned out by the busyness of our lives. And we allow the things of this world to capture our attention. 

Some might proclaim, “But you don’t understand. I am so busy! I have so many things to do!” I hear you. There is a constant laundry list of things we must take care of and deal with on a daily basis. Laundry itself being one of those tasks! It is exhausting. 

Yet, we have time for social media, spending mindless hours scrolling. (We’ve all done it.) We also have to watch the latest show or movie. We listen to our favorite podcasts or music. Or if you’re a fellow book nerd, you must read the latest book from your favorite author. There is an endless list of distractions with which we entertain ourselves.

These things are not necessarily bad in and of themselves. In fact, sometimes they can be wonderful. The problem becomes when we are giving all our attention to these things rather than the Lord. When our attention is more focused on these distractions they become an idol. 

Now some of you are saying, “Wait, hold up! My phone, tv, social media (insert whatever it is here) is not an idol.” I would challenge you to stop and think about whatever popped into your mind as you read that. Now seriously ask yourself, better yet ask the Lord, if you have made that thing an idol in your life. 

An idol is not just some statue we imagine they worshipped in ancient days. An idol is anything you place above God. Is there something you have put a higher priority than God? There is no shame, we have all done it. However, once we recognize it, we must make an effort to change. 

Others may be quick to say “Well, the Lord doesn’t speak to me.” Or “I don’t hear anything from the Lord.” When was the last time that you stopped to listen to the Lord? Typically, during our time with God, we sit and give him our laundry list of requests. We tell Him what we want of Him. But do we wait to see how He will respond or are we quickly off to the next item on our to do list? 

Consider this. Your friend calls or texts you a few times a week and all she ever does is tell you how she is doing and asks you for favors. However, when you try to tell her what is on your heart or ask her to do anything, it falls on deaf ears. You feel like you are talking to a brick wall. That is a relationship that is not only one-sided, but one that can never grow deeper. Yet how is this any different than how we sometimes treat the Lord?

He wants to spend time with us, quality time. He already knows us in and out. He created us. He wants us to take the time to know Him. He wants our attention. Remember, He wasn’t in the wind. He wasn’t in the earthquake. And He wasn’t in the fire. He was a still small voice. When He has our full attention, we will begin to hear Him. 

As we turn our attention to Him through our praise, worship and reading of His Word, we will begin to hear Him speak clearly into our lives. He will direct our path and give us clarity. He will give us the grace, hope, peace, and joy we need to survive the busyness of life. We will be able to hear that small still voice.

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